Imagine standing up in the middle of the streets of New York with a group of singers and singing, 
or in an Airplane doing a spontaneous concert.
'ChoruWalk' was born from my own experiences growing up as a classical singer. 
These moments and others gave me the idea for the app. 
Singers from all over the world take tours with a guide who also happens to be a conductor.
They get to know new places, new people, and create music together. 
The goal
An app designed specifically for classical singers.
It aims to mimic the experience of a performing group traveling together and performing.
This app allows people to get to know new people, travel around the world, and do what they love most - sing.
The Concept
The best way to travel is to both see new places and practice what you love doing most which is singing.
You go into ChoruWalk and choose your desired destination and tours to take.
It also happens to be that your guide is an awesome conductor eager to teach you about new exciting locations and also create beautiful music with you. but hey, this app also has other cool features one of them being that the tours taken are all combining other singers as well.
So, choose where you want to go and warm up towards spontaneous concerts in awesome locations.
Typefaces and colors
The color palette is drawn from the world of classical music - instruments, and notes.
The fonts are both classical with a little bit of decoration as often used in note sheets and also clean and simple​​​​​ 
I used detailed icons to better explain the different tour categories the app offers.
Tour screens
Tour selection
Guide screens
Chat screens

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