One could say that from the time I grew up until now, life has led me toward different paths. For instance, as a child I have studied how to become a classical singer, and as a university student, I studied for a BA in Interior design at the College of Management Academic Studies. Yet all the while I have taken these different paths, I have always been greatly fascinated by design and technology. Even though music, interior design, and product design are different fields, I feel all of them have a connecting link through creativity, aesthetics, and a perspective on the finer details.
While studying for my BA degree, I took a course in UX/UI for one semester and it was then and there that I have found my true passion.
Before I decided that the time to follow my dream and go for it has come, I was heading toward different directions such as working in the Ad Tech industry, and I even gained experience in a completely different field: working  with children with ASD.
While I enjoyed gaining experience in these fields, my love for design has never left me, until I finally decided it was time to make my dream come true. I began studying UI design at Create School.
It was there that I was able to delve deep into what I wished to pursue while studying and gaining a profound knowledge of this world. I now know that I have found the career that I am passionate about, one that I would like to pursue and develop. 
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