The EOS token is the cryptocurrency of the EOS network. It is a tradable coin and is used for various purposes.
I've decided to design an EOS wallet in the form of a dashboard for long term EOS hodlers who mainly 
go online to check on their investment status rather than trade frequently. 
The design, colors and fonts are inspired from the crypto world and retro computer screen designs.
The Logo was left as the project's original logo.
The main graph represents the coin's trend and price according to specific date.
The design is clean, minimalistic and is meant to easily and quickly show the coin's trend and current status.
The small graphs are a quick drill down to what was the coin's status in the past 24 hours. I
t's meant to give the user the easiest fastest way to better understand their investment data.
Typefaces and colors
The colors used are common colors used at the crypto world and compliment the character of the project's design.
Splash screen
All rights to the project and original logo reserved to eosio project
Mobile screens

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